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Who Was February’s Student Of The Month?

We are a few days into March now, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still celebrate February’s Student of the Month! It’s hard for us to choose just one student each month as all of our students consistently work hard to improve in lessons.Nic, our Head of Science at Spark, nominated this month’s winner.

What did Nic have to say?

Nic choose this particular student for a variety of different reasons…At the Belgrave site, this person has consistently Grown in confidence within science and has started to

challenge the information given and ask questions in and around the topics being covered to broaden her knowledge.

It might seem like challenging what you are told is a negative, but for our budding scientists it is the potential beginning of a glittering scientific career in the future. At Spark we encourage learners to push their knowledge. They often achieve this through questioning the facts they are presented with. What, why and how are our students’ tickets to great futures!

Another reason Nic nominated this student is

for consistently out performing her peers with her homework.

As you know, at Spark we set weekly homework to help improve our learners understanding and depth of knowledge. The month’s Student of the Month has a great attitude towards her homework. She commits to gaining the most out of her homework each week.

So who is our Student of the Month?

Congratulations to Year 9 pupil Maysha Hoque on her win this month! Maysha studies at the Belgrave site and also attends lessons for English and Maths. Hopefully her can-do attitude will be infectious in all of her lessons! We have no doubt that she will continue to be just as fantastic a student in her lessons to come.