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Igniting Curiosity and Achievement!

Discover a unique blend of academic excellence and vibrant afterschool vibes at Little Sparks. Elevate your child’s learning experience without breaking the bank. Here’s why our affordable alternative to our boutique tutoring is the perfect choice:

Foster a Love for Learning in a Social Environment

Step into a realm where learning becomes an adventure! In our dynamic sessions, your child thrives in Maths and English, surrounded by a diverse community. Little Sparks isn’t just tutoring; it’s a social hub for curious minds.

Affordable Excellence at £45/Month

Quality education at a pocket-friendly price of £45/month. Little Sparks challenges the notion that exceptional tutoring comes with a hefty price tag. Benefit from larger class sizes that bring affordability and excellence together seamlessly.

Confidence Building

Watch your child’s self-assurance blossom! Our skilled tutors nurture confidence, empowering students beyond the confines of textbooks. At Little Sparks, success isn’t just about grades; it’s about developing resilient, confident learners.

Convenient Location at Krishna Avanti Primary School

We value your time. Little Sparks operates at Krishna Avanti Primary School, providing a convenient solution for parents seeking accessible, top-notch education.

Engaging Activities to Complement Learning

Learning extends beyond books. Little Sparks incorporates exciting activities that complement academic lessons, creating a holistic and enjoyable learning journey for your child.

Levelled Learning with Stretch and Challenge

Break free from conventional learning. Little Sparks adopts a levelled learning approach, striking the perfect balance of challenge and support tailored to your child’s unique needs.

Exam Technique and Reasoning

Success requires strategy. Little Sparks equips your child with essential exam techniques and reasoning skills, ensuring they are well-prepared for academic challenges.

Term-Time Only

Family matters. Little Sparks respects family time, operating during term-time only. Give your child the support they need without compromising precious family moments.

Ready to revolutionise your child's academic journey?

Register your interest today for just £45/month. Join us on this exciting learning adventure!

Unleash your child's potential with Little Sparks Afterschool Club – where affordability meets excellence, and confidence meets achievement.

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