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At Spark Academy, we understand that cultivating confident, self-assured, and ambitious students is at the heart of every school’s mission. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce Ace The Grades™, a proven programme designed to empower students, enhance their self-belief, and elevate their aspirations.

Why Ace The Grades™ Exists

Ace The Grades™ was conceived with a clear mission — to create a positive and lasting impact on students’ lives. Our three pillars guide our approach:

Build Confidence

We believe confident students are resilient, capable, and ready to face academic challenges. Ace The Grades™ instils unwavering confidence in each student, fostering a mindset that embraces learning and growth.


Self-doubt should never hinder a student's potential. Ace The Grades™ focuses on nurturing self-belief, encouraging students to recognize their unique abilities and value. We empower them to trust in their capabilities and overcome any obstacles.

Raise Aspirations

Ambition propels students toward excellence. Ace The Grades™ inspires students to dream big, set ambitious goals, and equips them with the tools to turn those aspirations into tangible achievements.

Key Modules That Drive Success:

Results That Speak Volumes:

To date, Ace The Grades™ has positively impacted over 115 students, achieving an average improvement of 1 star across nine key dimensions, including self-confidence, exam readiness, and resilience. These results underscore the efficacy of our programme in fostering holistic student development.
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What Students Say

I believe in myself more now. I won't give up on my aspirations and will reach my dream goals.



ATG has helped me to believe in myself, prevent procrastination and remind myself that ‘I can do it’



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