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Our signature Ace The Grades™ Tutoring programme supports and nurtures your child every step of the way.

Spark Academy Tuition with a mission

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Ace The Grades

You’re Their Biggest Supporter, Ready To Make A Difference

Is your child feeling overwhelmed at school or striving for top grades?
We conquer the challenges of modern education, bridging knowledge gaps, refining exam technique, nurturing study skills and fostering a growth mindset. Our 12-month Ace The Grades™ Tutoring Programme supports your child in three ways:


Subject Tuition

Bridging knowledge ands gaps

Online tuition Spark Academy

Exam Workshop

Refining exam technique.

Spark academy Masterclass


Improve productivity, study skills and a growth mindset

Multi-Award-Winning Tuition Provider Excellent 5 Star Google Reviews 14 Years of Success Make 2 grades Progress in a year 6000+ Happy Students 11,000 Proud Parents Programme Designed By Education & Well-Being Experts
Multi-Award-Winning Tuition Provider Excellent 5 Star Google Reviews 14 Years of Success Make 2 grades Progress in a year 6000+ Happy Students 11,000 Proud Parents Programme Designed By Education & Well-Being Experts
Ace The Grades

Proven Results: What Difference Can Two Grades* Make?

Imagine the impact of your child’s remarkable growth, improving by an average of two grades at school – just like our students on our programme do. It’s the difference between mediocracy and excellence or turning dreams into reality.

*Based on the average Spark Academy member following our 12-month membership plan.

70% of parents work with Spark Academy for an average of 3 years
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Helped over 4000 students get more confident and improve their grades
100% of students say that Spark helped them improve their confidence
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Want to find out more about the Ace The Grades™ Tutoring Programme before signing up?

Our Tuition Subjects

Build Unshakeable Confidence & Mastery

Explore the boundless possibilities for your child’s achievement with the guidance of an exceptional tutor and a meticulously designed study programme, fostering unwavering confidence for examinations and tests.

Maths Spark academy Masterclass

Maths Tuition

English Tutor

English Tuition

Science Tuition

Science Tuition


Discover the unbeatable value for money and exceptional quality of our tutoring experience with flexible memberships designed to meet your personal needs.

Trusted By Schools & Foundations


Form a Tribe, that’s the Spark Vibe

Explore the schedule of your child’s immersive group tutoring sessions designed for both online and in-person learning. Join a vibrant community of learners, where small group sizes of 12 (in-centre) or 15 (online) create an environment of collaboration, confidence-building, and collective problem-solving, preparing them for the future.

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What our Students & Parents Say

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find a Spark Academy Centre near me?
Discover our one headquarter branch in Leicester, where we offer in-centre tutoring. If you’re in the area, come and say hello!
Is group tutoring really the best option for my child?
Absolutely! Group tutoring at Spark Academy offers numerous benefits for your child. By learning alongside peers in small groups of 12 (in-person) or 15 (online), they experience a collaborative and supportive learning environment. Group discussions, problem-solving activities, and interactive lessons foster engagement and enhance critical thinking skills. Your child not only gains subject knowledge but also develops important social skills, teamwork abilities, and the confidence to articulate their ideas. Our experienced tutors create a positive group dynamic that empowers students to learn from each other and build lasting connections. Together, they tackle challenges, share insights, and celebrate achievements, creating a vibrant learning community where everyone thrives.
Which is better, in-person or online tutoring?
Experience the same exceptional quality and delivery whether it’s online or in-person. Our interactive lessons, both in the centre and online, ensure optimal engagement and learning. We understand that every child has different preferences, and our flexible options cater to their individual needs. In fact, many of our students now prefer online learning for its convenience and the opportunity for personalized attention. Let us save you time and hassle by providing a seamless online experience.
What kind of results can I expect for my child?

On average, our dedicated students achieve a remarkable progress of 2 grades on our 12-month programme. Their commitment, proactive approach, and active participation in lessons contribute to their outstanding outcomes.

Is 1:1 tutoring better than group tutoring?
Since 2009, we have witnessed the remarkable benefits of group tutoring. Our interactive and collaborative approach enhances the learning experience, allowing students to learn from each other’s perspectives and develop valuable social skills.
How qualified are your tutors?

Our tutors are highly experienced in their subject specialisms, with many holding teaching qualifications. We also have tutors who possess advanced degrees, including masters and Ph.D. qualifications. What sets our tutors apart is their passion for teaching and their commitment to inspiring a love for learning.

How do you select your tutors?

We follow a rigorous selection process to ensure we have the best tutors. All our tutors undergo testing, ensuring their subject expertise and teaching ability. We have high standards, and whether they hold a teaching qualification or possess extensive subject knowledge and experience, they are carefully chosen to deliver the highest quality of education. Additionally, all tutors undergo DBS checks and participate in a thorough training programme to continually enhance their teaching skills.

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