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What Are The Top Five Weirdest Science Experiments In History?

Spark founder Mital is (happily) busy with business most days, but she still loves to take some time out for her science passion. And when it comes to science, sometimes weirder is better! What do you think the weirdest experiment she has found was?The history of science and its experiments can be rather daunting! You might think that the story of Frankenstein is absurd and fictional. But what if I was to say to you that it’s not very far from the truth? Here’s my top 5 most weirdest scientific experiments in history.

Glow in the dark pigs

In 2006, National Taiwan University Department of Animal Science and Technology inserted the genes for ‘fluorescence’ from jelly fish into pig embryos. It resulted in three pigs that glowed in the dark!  The scientists claimed that not only did the skin glow with a fluorescence green, but the organs of the pig glowed too! Do you think this was ethical? What was the need to do such experiment?

The mouse with the human ear

To demonstrate how to grow tissue-engineered cartilage, the Vacanti Mouse participated as part of the study in 1997. The ear on the mouse was made from a biodegradable polymer frame from a three-year old child. Cartilage was able to successfully grow using chondrocytes (cartilage cells from a cow). Why do you think scientists did this experiment?

The two-headed dog

Vladimir Demikhov was known for his grisly experiments between the 1930’s – 1960’s. One of his experiments was to sew the forearms and heads of two different types of dogs. He had to sever the jugular vein, the aorta, and spinal column and linked the circulatory systems. The two heads could eat and drink separately. Unfortunately both canines dies after four days. Was there any point to this experiment? Do you think this was cruel?

The Milgram experiment

Milgram experimented to find out how far people would go in obeying an instruction – even if it involved harming another person. His research helps us to understand how ordinary people are easily influenced into committing atrocities like the Germans in World War 2.

There were two test subjects, one was a ‘teacher’ and the other the ‘learner’. The teacher is asked to administer an electric shock every time the learner makes a mistake and increase the level of shock each time! If the teacher refused to give the shock, the experimenter gave a series of orders to ensure that they continued. Milgram found from his experiments that people are more likely to follow orders given by an authority figure! Pretty scary if you ask us!

Project MKUltra

Also known as the CIA’s Mind Control programme, Project MKUltra were a series of experiments on human subjects. The project developed drugs and procedures to be used in torture in order to weaken the individual to confess through mind control.

They used many different methodologies to manipulate people’s mental states and alter brain functions, including hypnosis, sensory deprivation, abuse, psychological torture and isolation.

If you have found any weird science experiments from the past, we would love for you to share them by leaving a comment below!