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How Can My Child Benefit From After School Tutoring?

Tutoring should start from ages as young as 7 years old, be it on weekends or weekdays after school. After school tutoring has several benefits for your child and it is more than just homework help.

1. After School Hours Are Productive

Once the school bell rings and all children run out their school doors, they have most likely forgotten what they have learned during the day. The hours between after school and bedtime are crucial for establishing a routine of productivity, and that where tutoring comes in. Your child will learn to become productive towards their self-development, which will encourage a positive attitude towards school.

2. Individualised Learning Approach

A school classroom setting can limit the amount of one-on-one interaction from their teachers. Another frustration may be the one-fits-all approach to the teaching methods which unfortunately do not appeal to all students. Experienced tutors have been exposed to different learning approaches and can adopt a method and pace that ensures your child stays on track.

3. Holistic Development And Confidence

Your child’s grades will improve through effective after school tutoring, boosting their confidence in the classroom. The tools they use to excel will encourage cognitive thinking that they can apply to their schoolwork on their own and towards solving critical problems beyond the classroom. Other development areas include independence, responsibility, accountability and focus.

4. Your Child Is More Than Just A Number

In a bigger classroom setup, children may feel intimidated to ask questions, especially if they are struggling to understand their work. Ultimately, teachers are managing many more students at one time. While tutoring centres pace accordingly, methods are best suited for each child and their needs. Some tutoring centres also reward and give credit where it is due. As a parent, you receive feedback on the individualised approach your child is benefitting from.

5. Safety And Supervision

After school activities play an important part in your child’s development. Unfortunately, what they may be exposed to is not always safe for them, especially if they are in a larger group setting with minimal supervision. When parents are not around, they are more likely to try engaging in behaviour that mom and dad will not be aware of. After school tutoring means safety for your child, with the supervision of qualified teachers.

Benefits For You As A Parent:

  • You no longer have to help with homework you don’t understand. It is frustrating when parents struggle to help their children with the work that comes with an evolving school syllabus.
  • You get to focus on other aspects of parenting. It is no secret that parents are always juggling tasks to make sure school projects are complete, and school meetings are attended. After school tutoring will help you check off at least one task so you can focus on everything else.
  • You are exposed to other ways of understanding your child. This is because they are interacting with content that gives them a different perspective for independent thinking.

At Spark Academy, we offer membership perks that ensure you are well aware of the progress your child is making. We believe you will see their development through their critical thinking abilities, communication and problem-solving skills. Start your child’s development here.