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Childhood Development: 3 Ways Your Child Can Benefit From Our Tutoring Services

Since our establishment, we have had parents pop us a few direct messages on our social media channels and schools emailing us a few testimonials, expressing children’s overall improvement. “My child seems more confident since joining the Academy”. “She is always eager to ask questions now”. Childhood development within an educational space should go beyond just achieving good grades. Yes, these are important, but have you considered your child’s confidence, interpersonal skills and problem-solving abilities in the long term? Spark Academy focuses on the importance of holistic childhood development together with the grades. Here are 3 ways your child can benefit from our tutoring services:

1. They Will Have A Supportive Structure

Oftentimes, children are nervous to raise their hand, assuming that what they are unsure of makes them wrong. Support does not mean spoon-feeding our students with answers. We have created a culture where our students approach us with what they need help with most. What they learn is the ability to be assertive themselves in who they are, play to their identified strengths, and feel comfortable with how they do things differently. Our classrooms numbers are kept to a minimum, allowing more one-on-one opportunity between the tutor and the student.

2. Their Interactive Abilities Are Challenged Positively

Our peer-to-peer engagement approach allows for our students to interact with each other, building friendships within the classes. The differences each student has are challenged in a way that encourages them to learn from one another, working as a team for solutions to the tasks we assign. It is one thing to sit in front of a computer or go through the same schoolwork, which eventually becomes redundant. Our students break off into group to create projects and build models together, bringing their communication, listening, and problem-solving skills to the fore.

3. We Use An Individualised Approach

Children who are well-guided in their formative years become well-rounded adults who see their worth than being more than just their grades. Ultimately, no two children go down the same path or possess the same academic strength and this is the beauty of individuality. Our qualified tutors are up to date with the current schooling curriculum and specialise in childhood development methods that stem from areas where skills are identified within the child. We then approach the tuition sessions based on what will encourage your child to perform at their optimal best. We further encourage individual thinking through self-study packs, which are available for them to complete even during holiday periods.

We also offer homework help, so that they are not continuously frustrated at doing work they are not comfortable with completing alone. We know that this lessens the stress for parents too! If you want to see who our tutors are, visit our team page of fun, qualified tutors. If you are ready to start with us, book a free trial so you and your child can experience Spark Academy first-hand. Not sure yet? Book a free consultation. This gives you a better understanding of how we can truly help your child.