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Company Values – Respect

Respect And Dignity – Value Every Person

Respect is something that we all expect. This is the same whether it is from our work colleagues, students, or our family and friends. However, time and time again it seems that respect is forgotten by those around us. It could be as simple as forgetting to say please or thank you, or not listening when someone else is speaking. We respect those we teach and value every person, not just for what they are saying, but for who they are as well.

Everyone we come into contact with is treated with dignity and respect. We don’t judge on size, age, race and religion. We treat everyone as equal and respect what they have to say and who they are.

Respect All Customers And Students Through Our Service

We at Spark Academy make sure that everyone has a voice and are all listened to, whether it is parents in consultations or children so they can keep building on their progress. We value the students’ opinions and responses in the classroom. Also, we encourage the other members of the group to show respect by listening to what others have to say. We promote these values throughout all of our lessons, as well as upholding them in our daily lives.