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Back To School, Back To Spark Academy!

With the summer holidays feeling like a distant memory, we are pleased to have our pupils back and rearing to go at Spark Academy!There is certainly a buzz around our new and improved academic programme as well as the wonderful new additions to our team.

What Can You Expect From Spark This Year?

We’ve been working really hard over the holidays to ensure that the new programme hits off to a successful start. We’ve been busy creating great resources for our students which include:

  • Revision booklets with plenty of worked examples and notes.
  • Differentiated worksheets (Spark Plus, Spark Pro and Spark Advanced) with increasingly challenging questions and an exam focus.
  • Folders with dividers that help our pupils to organise work effectively.
  • Bespoke video tutorials (Spark Vids).

The teachers have also been busy  meticulously planning exciting and engaging lessons to help all of our pupils maximise their potential!

Tell Us More About The Video Tutorials!

Our bespoke video tutorials are made by our very own Spark Academy teachers to help our pupils even more outside of the lesson. As you can see, we take our work very seriously and we want our pupils to make as much progress as possible!Sparkvids is our new platform for all of our pupils to access videos in Science, Maths and English (depending on the package signed up for). Sparkvids is ideal for pupils to have access to teaching at their own convenience and is also useful for:

  • School homework
  • School tests
  • Spark Academy homework
  • Revision & exams

We also have some neat exam hints and tips!

When Will Sparkvids Go Live?

We are currently in the process of getting the videos and packages added onto our system and we will be going live in the next two weeks!

Stay sparkly!

Mital <3
Founder & Passionate Teacher
Spark Academy